Mars Was Probably Flooded With Water Billions of Years Ago

Mars Was Probably Flooded With Water Billions of Years Ago: New data indicate that Mars probably was flooded with much more water billion of years ago than what was previously thought. Which explains why you’ll never find housing there — there’s no flood insurance on Mars, so nothing got rebuilt after the floods.

Researchers Suggest Using Laser to Contact Alien Civilizations: Scientists want to build an infrared laser that is both hot and bright enough to attract the attention of any intelligent civilizations located on nearby exoplanets. OK, may as well give ’em Trump’s phone number. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Scientologists are already putting a “welcome basket” together for them.

Hell’s Angels Frequently Sue Over Trademark Infringement: Despite their outlaw image, a little known fact is that the Hells Angels organization have brought more than a dozen cases in federal court, alleging infringement for borrowing the motorcycle club’s name and insignias in the past six years. I can see their point. I mean, you wouldn’t want some outsider tarnishing that unblemished image the gang has worked so hard to maintain.