MelaniaInternet Buzzing Over Melania Trump Body Double Conspiracy

Internet Buzzing Over Melania Trump Body Double Conspiracy: Melania Trump has become the center of a wild body double conspiracy theory after people began saying the woman who appeared on the White House lawn alongside the President in a trench coat and sunglasses didn’t look quite the same as Melania. If you ask me, the answer’s quite simple — Melania is a robot and the factory provided several copies for Trump’s use. Of course, another other explanation for why people think she may look a bit different is that the sun may possibly be melting her plastic face. Personally, I think whoever that is who is standing next to President Trump certainly looks every bit as pissed off as real Melania usually does.

First Dinosaur With Arthritis Found in Southern New Jersey: Scientists say they’ve discovered remains of a dinosaur in southern New Jersey who lived 70 million years ago who also suffered from a very crippling form of arthritis of the elbow. Good grief, dinosaurs with arthritic elbows in New Jersey? Must be from yanking that lever down on the slots in Atlantic City. Rumor has it those dinosaurs had terrible gambling habits. One thing’s for sure, even if you’re not a dinosaur — arthritis will definitely make you feel like an old fossil.

Woman Sets World Record for 60 Meters at Age 95: A 95-year-old woman has set a world record for her age group, running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds. Good for her, but come on! Once you hit 95, isn’t just about anything you do — be it bending over to breathing in and out most likely gonna set some kind of record?