Methane in Mars Meteorites Suggests Possibility of Life

Methane in Mars Meteorites Suggests Possibility of Life: Researchers say that methane, a potential sign of primitive life, has been found in meteorites from Mars, adding weight to the idea that life could live off methane on the Red Planet. That’s great news, because I identify with being a Martian more than an Earthling. In fact, as a kid, I would often draw myself using the green crayons. And while I never became a Martian, here on Earth we do have Wal-Martians — and the smell of methane gas does seem to follow them around everywhere. One thing’s for sure, if its really full of methane gas, life on Mars must really stink.

Trump Enters 2016 GOP Presidential Race: Donald Trump has ended speculation as he announced his candidacy for president on the GOP ticket, decked out in red tie, white shirt, and blue suit and bragging about his billions. Now of course the only question left to answer is — will Rosie O’Donnell be his running mate? In related news. Jon Stewart announced that he may not be retiring after all.

First Black Bear Spotted in Indiana in 144 Years: Its being reported that a black bear has been spotted in Indiana for the first time in more than 140 years. While environmentalists expressed excitement, state wildlife officials are urging caution, pointing out that this may very well be a polar bear, trying to pull-off another Rachel Dolezal-type scam.