NASA Completes Count of All Solar System Rocks

NASA Completes Count of All Solar System Rocks: A newly completed NASA survey of space rocks in our solar system revealed 20 new comets and 33,000 asteroids. While I’m a big supporter of the space program, why bother count all the rocks floating around the solar system? It isn’t like someone’s gonna try and steal any of them.

South Carolina Man Arrested With 10,000 Stolen Guns: A South Carolina man was taken into custody after police discovered an estimated 10,000 guns stored on his property which they believe were stolen. Sounds like he’s one of those “good guys with a gun,” only 10,000 times better. Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just hiding all those guns before Obama has a chance to confiscate them.

Chris Christie Kicked Out of Amtrak Quiet Car: Governor Chris Christie has apologized for getting kicked out of an Amtrak “quiet car” for talking too loudly on his phone while clutching a strawberry smoothie from McDonald’s. OK, but to some degree, you have to blame the crew. I mean come on, why would anyone ever let Chris Christie in a “quiet car” in the first place?

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