New York Thief Grabs Bucket of Gold Off Armored Truck

New York Thief Grabs Bucket of Gold Off Armored Truck: New York police are searching for a green-clad man who swiped an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes off an armored truck and then disappeared with the estimated $1.6 million in treasure. And while I don’t personally know the guy, I’m betting this had to be pretty high on his “bucket list.” Police say a dog may have assisted in the heist, adding that their guess is it was most likely a golden retriever.

Playmate Booked for Methamphetamine Possession: A former Playboy Playmate has been booked for felony possession of methamphetamine after being stopped for running a stop sign in Hollywood. The former model claimed everything seemed to be happening so fast, she didn’t even notice the stop sign.

World’s Oldest Person Marks 117th Birthday: Emma Morano, thought to be the world’s oldest person and the last person alive born in the 1800’s, celebrated her 117th birthday in Italy, still swearing by her diet of two raw eggs a day. I love hearing stories like this because I intend to live forever and I gotta tell ya — so far, so good.