North Korea Executes Defense Chief for Sleeping During Kim Speech

North Korea Executes Defense Chief for Sleeping During Kim Speech: Its being reported that North Korea’s defense chief Hyon Yong Chol has been executed by firing squad with an antiaircraft gun for showing disrespect to Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un by sleeping during a meeting at which Kim was speaking.

Wow, could it be that “The Interview” is actually becoming a documentary? But geez, he seemed so much nicer in the film. Word has it that the new defense minister is already beginning to second guess his career choices. Personally, if I were Kim, I’d have gone after my barber rather than the defense minister — but that’s just me.

My word, if we ever implemented an execution policy like that here in the US for people who fall asleep during political speeches, can you imagine what a turn over in government we’d have? We’d have to constantly replace our entire congress and most of the Supreme Court.

After reading this, my first thoughts were “isn’t executing this guy with an antiaircraft gun just a wee bit of an overkill?” You know, kind of like killing spiders with a sledge-hammer. But, then when I think about it, you’re probably going need something like an antiaircraft gun to get through all those phony medals those guys have plastered all over there chests. Talk about going out with a bang.

I mean, first you have him supposedly feeding his relative to hungry dogs and now executing a guy with antiaircraft guns — I hate to admit it — but you have to give the little despot points for coming up with some really creative executions. Speaking of which, word has it that Idaho, Oklahoma and Texas have just sent delegations to North Korea to discuss solutions to their capital punishment woes. In financial news, exports of NoDoz to North Korea have reportedly increased 600% in the past week.

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