Odd Signals Detected Coming From Distant Star

Odd Signals Detected Coming From Distant Star: Astronomers say they’ve detected “strange signals” coming from the direction of a small red dwarf star, located about 11 light-years from Earth.

Astronomers point out that while the signal could be from aliens, it doesn’t necessarily mean they were trying to contact us. They may have just butt-dialed wrong number. Ironically, when scientists tried to respond back, they received a message saying “your call is very important to us, please continue to hold — we will be with you in a moment.”

All kidding aside, how is it they’re able to receive signals from 11 light-years away, yet I always lose my signal every time I drive from Santa Monica back into the west San Fernando Valley? One thing’s for sure, this alien world has a life form intelligent enough not to find itself stuck in some multi-light-year contract with AT&T.