Office Air Conditioning Is Biased Against Women

Office Air Conditioning Is Biased Against Women: A new study is suggesting that temperature settings on office air conditioners may be biased against women. I thought that could be the case after I noticed the settings on the thermostat read warm, cool and freeze bitch.”

Survey Claims Doctors Don’t Report Other Doctors: A new survey says that doctors frequently do not report other doctors who are drunk, addicted to drugs, mentally ill or outright incompetent. On the other hand, there’s always the possibility that they have reported them, but no one could read their handwriting.

Scientists Control Mouse Brain by Remote Control: Scientists have successfully altered the neural networks of laboratory mice using a wireless controller, allowing them to study and manipulate the rodent’s brain by a remote control device — without the animal being tethered by wires. Oh great, just what I need. Now I’m gonna have to fight my cat over who controls the remote.