Paleogenetics Says Humans Have DNA From the Denisovans

Paleogenetics Says Humans Have DNA From the Denisovans: National Geographic just published an article about how modern humans also have DNA from two other close relatives that lived in close proximity and with whom we interbred — the Neanderthals, and the rather mysterious Denisovans. Not being an anthropologist, I can’t speak about the Neanderthals, but there were a family of Denisovans that lived two doors down from me where I grew up in Canton, Ohio. Nice people, they sold stone tools at the swap meet on weekends — my only complaint was they would only accept cash for the tools, so you couldn’t use a credit card. That said, regardless of what all these paleogeneticists are saying, I didn’t have sex with any them.

People With High IQs More Likely to Suffer from Mental Disorders: A new study suggests that highly intelligent people have a significantly higher risk of suffering from a variety of mental disorders. Perhaps, but I think our President pretty much proves that a high IQ is not necessarily required for suffering from a mental disorder.

Link Between Violent Video Games and Aggression: Researchers at Indiana University are using functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain to establish a link between violent video games and aggressive behavior. Sadly, the aggression hypothesis was pretty much confirmed after study participants beat up all the researchers.

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