Park Sees Big Boost After Apple Names Operating System Yosemite

Park Sees Big Boost After Apple Names Operating System Yosemite: After Apple, the world’s biggest tech company, decided to name its operating system “OS X Yosemite,” it sent a wave of free advertising and loads of people to visit the California park. Good, now if they’ll just consider naming their next update “OS X Greece,” perhaps we can all forget that whole mess.

New York Stock Exchange Reopens After Computer Glitch: The New York Stock Exchange has reopened after an unprecedented, nearly four-hour halt in trading that authorities say was caused by a major technical glitch. Sadly, it took them nearly 3 hrs to finally get tech support on the phone, who then told them to unplug, wait 60 seconds, and then plug it all back in.

Several Companies Moving Forward With Hyperloop Plans: Several companies have announced plans for pilot projects of the Elon Musk proposed high-speed hyperloop transportation system, which is supposed to whip people across the world in a glass vacuum tube at speeds of almost 800mph. So, I’m guessing the new operative phrase will then become something like “beam me sideways, Scottie?”

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