Pastor Will Arm Wrestle Women Over Who Rules at Home

Pastor Will Arm Wrestle Women Over Who Rules at Home: Fundamentalist Pastor Steven Anderson, of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona recently declared that “God insists men rule over women in the home,” adding that he’d “gladly arm wrestle any woman who believes otherwise.” At first I had to look closely at Pastor Anderson’s pic, just to make sure it wasn’t Andy Kaufman. That said, in all fairness, what he says does make a lot of sense in that arm wrestling has always been considered the most logical way to settle all disputes regarding leadership.

Study Claims No Evidence Sunscreen Prevents Cancer: A new research review concluded that there isn’t much evidence to conclusively prove that daily sunscreen use can prevent most skin cancers. Good thing cause I can’t seem to find where I put my sunscreen anyway. Wonder if its where I stashed my dental floss?

Zuckerberg Claims He Only Eats What He Kills: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created a bit of controversy recently when he declared he will only eat the meat from something which he himself has killed. OK, but didn’t Jeffrey Dahmer have the same idea?

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