Pat Robertson Warns Supreme Court Will OK Sex With Animals

Pat Robertson Warns Supreme Court Will OK Sex With Animals: Pat Robertson is predicting on his 700 Club that the recent Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling will eventually lead to humans being legally allowed to have sex with animals. In related news, a 700 Club spokesperson confirmed that Robertson has just purchased a farm in rural Virginia.

Donald Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Cellphone Number: Hours after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump “the world’s biggest jackass” for questioning Arizona Sen. John McCain’s “war hero” status, Trump responded by giving out Graham’s personal cellphone number. The most shocking thing about this is that this may be the first time Trump actually got any of his facts right.

Police Find 1200 Guns in Home of Man Found Decaying in Car: Los Angeles police, investigating the death of a man found decomposing in a car in front of his upscale Pacific Palisades home, discovered an arsenal of more than 1,200 firearms and approximately two tons of ammunition in his home and garage. Two tons of ammo? Wonder if he died of lead poisoning? The scary thing here is that a man — discovered decaying in his car — is not the most disturbing part of this news story. And the sad truth is that the poor guy might still be alive today if only he just had a few hundred more.