Pilot Emergency Lands Hot Air Balloon in Alligator Pond

Pilot Emergency Lands Hot Air Balloon in Alligator Pond: International Business Times is reporting that a hot air balloon, carrying 16 passengers and a pilot, was forced to make an emergency landing in an alligator-infested pond near Disney World in Orlando. Well, bet that was a pleasant surprise for the gators to learn that breakfast is being flown in for them this morning. I can see the gators asking “say, did anyone order a bucket of tourists, with an extra order of white folks?”


Judge Rules Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Unconstitutional: A judge in Florida has ruled that the state’s updated “stand your ground” law, which required prosecutors to disprove a defendant’s self-defense case at pretrial hearings, is unconstitutional, setting up a showdown that could make its way to the state’s top court. One thing’s for sure, in a state like Florida where sinkholes are constantly swallowing up everything from cars to houses, “standing your ground” can become rather difficult. While I’m certainly no authority on the legality of “stand your ground” laws, I do know one thing — you definitely don’t wanna “grab your ground” during one of Florida’s crazy electrical storms.


Study Finds Indigestion Pills Can Cause Early Death: A new study found that people taking common heartburn and indigestion medication are 25 percent more likely to die in the next six years. Ah, come on! Is there nothing safe anymore? I mean its getting to the point where if the terrorists, pollution, heart disease, traffic accidents, violent criminals, global warming, exploding cellphones, asteroids, supervolcanoes, falls from ladders, great white sharks or rattlesnakes don’t get ya — then Prilosec will.

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