Redheaded Donors Turned Away at Danish Sperm Bank

Redheaded Donors Turned Away at Danish Sperm Bank: According to its director, Denmark’s Cryosurgery International Sperm Bank — the world’s largest — is turning away redheaded donors because ‘’there are too many redheaded donors in relation to demand.” Not to be deterred, Denmark’s redheads vow to keep masturbating on.

Punches Way to Guinness World Record: With a steady beat of jabs, stuntman Ron Sarchian has punched his way into the record books by punching a 100-pound bag for more than 50 hours straight. He punched a bag for fifty hours straight? I hate to judge, but it sounds like someone has some issues.

Bea Arthur Nude Painting Sells For $1.9 Million: A nude portrait of Bea Arthur from 1991 by artist John Currin has fetched an incredible $1.9 million at Christie’s Auction House. In all due respect, if I had an extra $1.9 million laying around to shell out for a nude painting, I’m not quite sure Bea Arthur would have been my first choice.