Researchers 3D Print Soft Artificial Heart That Pumps Blood

Researchers 3D Print Soft Artificial Heart That Pumps Blood: A team of researchers at ETH Zurich have created what they say is the first artificial heart that’s entirely soft, with its pumping mechanism achieved by causing the silicone ventricles to pump just like a real heart.

You know, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for people who do this kind of research. Oh sure, some scientists will lie about their research, but those lies are easily uncovered by a using a defibrillator and the guilty parties are immediately placed under cardiac arrest. Its not that easy to bypass a peer review in the heart research field. Those people will go right for the jugular if they hear even a murmur about dishonesty.

But generally speaking, these people really put their heart and soul into their bloody research. And the sacrifices can be huge. Heart researchers almost never have time for a social life because of all the long hours — which tends to take them out of circulation.

Anyway, the point is that people who really know about artificial hearts say a soft artificial heart would be very hard to beat. But let’s face it, discoveries like this take more then a stroke of luck, they take hard work by dedicated professionals. So let’s just hope these scientists can stay pumped. After all, when you’re trying to create something that pumps blood, there’s always a lot of pressure. Its almost enough to give you a coronary.

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