Richard Branson Taking Submarine Down World’s Largest Sinkhole

Richard Branson Taking Submarine Down World’s Largest Sinkhole: In the first mission of its kind, Jacques Cousteau’s grandson and Sir Richard Branson are plunging in a submarine into the deep, dark bottom of what has been named “The Great Blue Hole” — a cavern large enough to swallow two Boeing 747s with room to spare — located off the country of Belize. Well, if he does runs into any trouble, I suppose Elon Musk can always come by and rescue him. Now personally, I much prefer to experience an adventure like that on my 4K TV — lying back on my couch with plenty of snacks and beverages on hand.

Cat Poop Home To Life-Threatening Parasites: According to new research published in Trends in Parasitology, cat feces is known to carry a highly infectious parasite that can cause many serious issues including negatively impacting academic performance in school children. So kids, next time your mom complains about your bad grades, tell her to stop insisting you clean out the damn litter box.

Slaughterhouse Selling Meat From Cows With Eye Cancer: It’s being reported that a Bay Area slaughterhouse has been knowingly selling meat that came from cows with eye cancer. Well then, guess that pretty much explains why their death certificates were written in braille.