Robber Dies After Partner’s Bullet Ricochets Off Victims Face

Robber Dies After Partner’s Bullet Ricochets Off Victims Face: San Francisco police say a robber is dead after his partner shot their victim in the face, but the bullet ricocheted off the victim’s face and struck the other robber dead. All I can say is, its almost never a good idea trying to rob Clark Kent.

Remains of Wolf-Like Ancient Otter Discovered in China: Researchers report that a wolf-like species of otter with large, powerful jaws and enlarged teeth who lived 6.6 million years ago has been discovered in southwestern China. The creature is being described as “wolf-like” because the moment scientists laid eyes on it, their first thoughts were “my, what big eyes you have!”

New Data Show Mount Everest is Shrinking: New data indicate that the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest has shrunk by 3.2 feet, mostly due to recent seismic activity. Hell, the way things are going, I figure even I could scale that puppy in another 2.1 million years.

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