Science Declares Dogs are Smarter Than Cats

Science Declares Dogs are Smarter Than Cats: An international team of researchers recently found that dogs possess twice the number of neurons in their cerebral cortex than cats, therefore concluding that dogs are smarter because neurons are the cells that process information.

Perhaps, but I guess my first question would be, why in the hell do we have international teams “working” on something this in the first place? But no matter, my problem with this research equation is that it implies we humans are intelligent — and I think all you need to do is take a look who we’ve put in the White House to know what a damn fallacy that is. Also, word on the street has it — that cats downright refused to participate in the study. Let’s not forget that the ancient Egyptians once worshiped cats as gods and cats have never forgotten it.

Anyway, regardless of which animal is in possession of the most neurons, the fact is — everyone knows both cats and dogs are smart enough to turn we “big-brained” primates into their lavish servants with just a glance! Good grief, I can see my cat is out in the garden right now, debating the issue over the fence with the neighbor’s dog — claiming this is all based upon flawed research and insisting that what we have here is yet another example of “fake news.” Sad — really!

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