Scientists Believe They’ve Found Pregnant T. Rex Fossil

Scientists Believe They’ve Found Pregnant T. Rex Fossil: Scientists have made a rare discovery after examining the femur of a 68 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex, not only confirming that the creature was a female, but also a mother-to-be. Its hard to imagine how a T-Rex could have sex, especially when you consider that the T-Rex had such tiny little hands — you know, kind of like Donald Trump.

Trump Likens Immigrants to a Venomous Snake: At a recent stop in Ohio, Donald Trump compared immigrants in the US to a deadly snake that bites the person who shows it kindness. I don’t know about that, but judging from the kind of people we’ve see at Trump rallies, its a safe bet we’d be better off dealing with venomous snakes.

Kim Kardashian Says She Feels Like Zoo Animal: Kim Kardashian complained in a recent magazine interview that she often feels just like an animal in the zoo. I see her point. Think about how many times you’ve visited a zoo, looked in one of the cages, only to see the animals humping away.

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