Scientists Identify Parts of Brain Involved in Dreaming

Scientists Identify Parts of Brain Involved in Dreaming: Scientists have identified regions of the brain involved in dreaming in a study with significant implications for our understanding of the purpose of dreams and of consciousness itself — even offering clues as to what the dream is actually about. In related news, Facebook announced they are just a few short years away from targeted, in-dream advertising!

Researchers Say Father of All Mankind 340,000 Years Old: Evolutionary anthropologists say DNA evidence has revealed that the oldest known common male ancestor (called the father of all mankind) is 340,000 years old, more than twice as old as previous estimates. I don’t think I’d wanna be the “father of all mankind.” Who’d wanna think they’re responsible for an endless stream of assholes going back 340,000 years? Besides, can you imagine the child support payments that would come with that title?

Fresh Express Salads at Walmart Recalled Over Dead Bat: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fresh Express has recalled some of its organic prepackaged salad mix, after a dead bat was found inside a bag sold in a Florida Walmart. Wait a minute — I’m totally shocked. Someone who shops at Walmart actually bought a salad? And they managed to eat most it without even batting an eye. Hell, it could have been worse — the bat could have been a Louisville Slugger.