Solar Storms Remove Electrons From Earth’s Atmosphere

Solar Storms Remove Electrons From Earth’s Atmosphere: New research found that, contrary to scientific expectations, solar storms actually remove electrons from the Earth’s atmosphere. Even so, I still try and stay positive about solar storms.

Study Finds Smartphones Impacted by Bitter Cold: Experts say that when the temperature drops below freezing, smartphones often start malfunctioning, such as they might not sense your touch, the battery can die faster and if it’s cold enough, the phone just shuts off. Smartphones malfunction when exposed to bitter cold? Guess that pretty much explains why my ex has had so many problems with her iPhone!

Japan Claims North Korea Fired Four Ballistic Missiles: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says North Korea has fired four ballistic missiles, three of which landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Military analysts say those weren’t missiles in the traditional sense, but simply four more of Kim Jong Un’s relatives who had the misfortune of falling out of favor.

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