Study Advises Safest Place to Sit During Plane Crash

Study Advises Safest Place to Sit During Plane Crash: A new study found that the safest place to be sitting during a place crash is in the very back of the plane, with people who are seated in first class being in the most danger of being killed. I suppose, but if you ask me, surviving while flying in coach still seems much worse than dying while sitting in first class. Besides, I’ve read people are 47% more likely to have their heads explode after listening to Sarah Palin speech than die in an airplane crash anyway.

Scientists Warn Stop Killer Robots Before Its Too Late: At an elite gathering in the Swiss Alps, scientists and arms experts warned we must act quickly to avert a future in which autonomous robots with artificial intelligence will roam battlefields killing humans. No kidding. I’ve been terrified of my bank’s ATM machine for years now.

Study Says E-Cigarettes No Better Than Regular Cigarettes: A new study found that vapor from the popular e-cigarettes can damage or kill human cells just the same as regular cigarettes. Which makes sense when you consider that another study just found that i-Pads are no better than regular pads.

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