Study Finds Pigeons Can Distinguish Written Words

Study Finds Pigeons Can Distinguish Written Words: In a fascinating new study, scientists have actually taught pigeons some rudimentary reading skills — and while the birds don’t understand the meaning of words — they can distinguish real words from non-words by visually processing the letter combinations involved. You don’t need some fancy study to know that. Hell, everyone knows birds start tweeting shortly after they’re born.

Half of All US Guns in the Hands of Just 3% of Gun Owners: A sweeping new survey by researchers at Harvard University and Northeastern University found that nearly half of the nearly 300 million firearms in the United States are concentrated in the hands just 3 percent of American adults. Hell, I guess it’s a lot like women’s dress fashions — I mean who wants to be seen getting your morning joe at Starbucks with the same AR-15 you’re packing at Walmart or the 9mm Glock you bring to pick up your dry cleaning at Fazio’s?

E-Book Sales Move Ahead of Printed Books for 1st Time: Amazon is reporting that it now sells more e-books than they do books in print. And needless to say, the companies selling the e-books are simply “e-lated.”

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