Televangelist Wants $125M Christian Resort in San Diego

Televangelist Wants $125M Christian Resort in San Diego: Televangelist Morris Cerullo says he wants to build a Christian-themed resort in San Diego that includes fancy timeshare suites, a Biblical museum, high-tech attractions and a 20-foot-high replica of Jerusalem’s wailing wall. Great idea! Forget all this feeding the poor and housing homeless veterans stuff, nothing says Jesus loves you better than a luxury timeshare, a high-end spa and a Jesus Gift Shop. Who could have guessed that Christianity would eventually evolve into kind of a high-end amusement park?

Ben & Jerry’s Has New Bernie Sanders Flavor: Ben Cohen, co-founder of Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s, has unveiled an ice cream flavor in honor of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders called “Bernie’s Yearning.” And while they’re at it, they may as well introduce a flavor for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps they could call it “EstablishMint.”

Astronomers Say New Star Births Declining Sharply: Astronomers say that the rate at which the universe is giving birth to new stars has fallen continuously in the last 11 billion years. And sadly, many of the new stars that actually do come into existence, are quickly given up for adoption. Makes you wonder, if the Universe can’t even get laid, I guess we’re all screwed.

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