Threat Made Against L.A. Rail Line

Threat Made Against L.A. Rail Line: Federal and Los Angeles officials said they had been alerted by authorities in another country to a “specific” threat against the city’s Red Line commuter rail system, prompting them to beef up security and alert the public. Relieved LA officials say its a good thing that only public transportation was threatened, because there’s little or no chance anyone would ever use that anyway.

U.S. Plans to Make F-16 Fighter Jets in India: As a new American president bent on retaining American jobs prepares to take office, the U.S. defense industry is working on a deal with the Indian government to build iconic U.S. combat aircraft in India. On a positive note, if anything ever goes wrong with the plane, it won’t be a long distance call to get in touch with tech support.

China Group Readies Titanic Tourist Simulation: China’s Star Energy Investment Group has officially begun construction of a new, controversial tourist attraction in southern China, featuring a life-size replica of the Titanic, which they say will allow visitors to experience first hand what it was like to hit an iceberg. And should this venture prove successful, the company has plans to build another theme park centered around the space shuttle Columbia disaster.

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