Tic Tac Responds To Donald Trump’s Endorsement

Tic Tac Responds To Donald Trump’s Endorsement: Tic Tac USA has been forced to disavow Donald Trump’s controversial endorsement of their product after the GOP presidential candidate stated that he uses Tic Tacs before meeting beautiful women because he’s often prone to just start uncontrollably kissing them.

Fair enough, but if Mentos gets dragged into all this, I’m outta here. Word has it that Trump really had no choice but to go with Tic Tacs anyway, given that Bill Clinton had already called first dibs on Altoids! Besides, Tic Tacs are the perfect mint for someone like Donald anyway. Hell, anything that comes in a package that small could make even Trump’s tiny hands look big. Nothing like a sexual predator with fresh breath.

And I guess we don’t need to ask which flavor of Tic Tacs Trump prefers — I’m gonna go with orange. Hell, with free publicity like this, they could start a new ad campaign, “Tic Tacs, a breath mint so powerful it will grab you right by the p****!” As for me, I’m heading out on the town tonight with a full pack of Tic Tacs in my pocket — “hello ladies!”