Tom Price’s Lawmaker Wife Wants People with HIV Quarantined

Tom Price’s Lawmaker Wife Wants People with HIV Quarantined: Georgia Republican state Representative Betty Price — a physician and the wife of disgraced former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price — is calling for all HIV-positive people to be quarantined and for all their sexual partners to be logged and tracked by the government.

Is it just me, or do the Trump people seem to be making their call for concentration camps a bit soon? Hell, even Hitler took a few years to work up to that! Guess their “Make America Great Again” plan is moving along faster then we could have ever imagined. I guess no one bothered to tell her that the 1980’s called — and they want all their superstitious beliefs about HIV back.

But Representative Price needn’t worry about quarantines. I mean, come on! Once Trumpcare is finally in place and removes everyone’s healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions — the HIV-positive, as well as tons of other Americans — will likely all die soon enough anyway. And to think all those snowflakes had the nerve to accuse the GOP of not really having a viable plan to cut healthcare costs!

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