Topanga Canyon Pot Farm Raided

Topanga Canyon Pot Farm Raided: LAPD officials announced they’ve removed nearly 5,000 pounds of marijuana plants worth nearly $2.5 million on a raid of a pot farm in Topanga State Park. Pardon me for not being duly impressed, but come on — finding a pot farm in Topanga Canyon is a little like finding a winery in Napa Valley.

Gatorade Removing Flame Retardant from Drinks: Gatorade has reluctantly agreed to remove a substance patented as a flame retardant from its beverages following a slew of consumer complaints. Defending it’s use of the chemical, a company spokesperson said because of their inclusion of the fire retardant, very few customers have caught fire while drinking Gatorade.

What Men Find Most Important About Women: A three year study conducted by Match.Com found that the most important feature men judge women by is their teeth. Hell, if that’s the case, don’t bother joining Match.Com, sign up for 1–800-Dentist.

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