Trump and Peña Nieto Talk on the Phone

Trump and Peña Nieto Talk on the Phone: Amid an escalating crisis between neighboring nations over a border wall, President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had what Trump characterized as a “constructive” and “productive” hour-long telephone conversation. When asked to sum up his view of the conversation, Peña Nieto took a line from an old Pink Floyd tune, saying “all in all, he’s just another prick with a wall.”

NASA Says Weird Rock on Mars Probably a Meteorite: NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has stumbled onto a small, dark-gray rock which scientists think is most likely an iron-nickel meteorite. Scientists say if it isn’t a meteorite, then it obviously has to be a meteorong.

President Trump Signs Extreme Vetting Measures for Immigrants: In an effort to try and consolidate all his numerous threats against immigrants into a more cohesive directive, President Donald Trump has just signed an executive order to charge all extreme Muslim Mexicans entering this country an extra 20% on everything they buy here in the United States.