Trump Angry Fake Media Doesn’t Report His Long List of Achievements

Trump Angry Fake Media Doesn’t Report His Long List of Achievements: President Donald Trump has once gain taken to Twitter to complain about the “fake media” ignoring all of his “long list of achievements.” Maybe they just assumed most people already knew about all his bankruptcies, failed and fraudulent business ventures, multiple divorces and weekend golf outings. Or, maybe they’re concerned that everyone will eventually become tired of all this winning.

Trump’s Invitation to Duterte Draws Criticism: During their recent “very friendly conversation,” Mr. Trump invited Mr. Duterte, an authoritarian leader accused of ordering extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in the Philippines, to visit him in the White House. Gee, Putin, Erdogan, el-Sisi and now Duterte? Why if someone didn’t know better, they might conclude that our President is a big fan of authoritarians, dictators and demagogues with absolute power.

Forty Pythons Seized from Ontario Motel: Local police are reporting that 40 pythons have been seized in a Brantford, Ontario motel by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Makes you wonder what kind of sick person would force a bunch of poor pythons to stay in some cheap motel? They deserve better accommodations. No doubt all the room service requests for live field mice triggered hotel staff’s suspicions.

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