Trump Believes Exercise is Bad and Depletes Our Energy

Trump Believes Exercise is Bad and Depletes Our Energy: The New Yorker reports that President Trump says he considers exercise to be misguided and bad for people — arguing that a person is similar to a battery, born with a finite amount of energy and exercise depletes that energy.

Although oddly enough, for a guy who hates exercise, he does seem to do a lot of running — at least when it comes to his mouth. At least now we know how he honed that awesome physique. And for a guy who seems to hate North Korea so much, it is kind of strange he would choose the same workout program as Kim Jong-un.

In fact, candidates seeking Medical Degrees from Trump University are in fact taught that “the human body is like a battery and the key to optimal performance and longevity is to go through life — remaining perfectly still, yet making sure that the stomach is continually filled to capacity with fried food.”

And apparently this depletion philosophy carries over to his thinking and reading habits also. Kind of like “a mind is a terrible thing to waste — so use it sparingly.” Although the argument could be made that the President does frequently “exercise” his right to be ignorant and uninformed. Hell, his ability to dodge the truth is simply unparalleled.

But I guess the question everyone wants to know is, should we really be taking fitness advice from a guy who’s most strenuous exercise is tweeting on the toilet? I mean, here’s a guy who carries so much abdominal girth that when he sits in a chair he has basically the same posture as someone who’s sitting on the can. Ever defiant, Trump admits ”one day I’m going to have a massive heart attack, and it’s going be fantastic!”

Anyway, one thing’s for sure, its starting to look as if — like it or not, he’ll soon be getting some serious exercise trying to run away from the FBI.

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