Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a Bigot

Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a Bigot: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told followers at a rally in Mississippi that Hillary Clinton is a “bigot who only sees people of color as votes, not as human beings.” I can’t believe Trump would call Clinton a bigot in a place like Mississippi. What was he trying to do, drum-up more votes for her? Anyway, who better to warn people of color about Clinton’s bigotry than a shady, New York developer who was twice sued by the DOJ for racial housing discrimination?

Study Finds Older People Are Happier: Despite the physical ravages of age, new research from the University of California found that older people are much happier than younger adults. Call me crazy, but who wouldn’t be happy spending some of that wad of cash you made as a Walmart Greeter on one of those senior discount dinners at Denny’s?

Connecticut Pastor Dies After Confessing Infidelity: A pastor for a Bridgeport, Connecticut church died of an apparent heart attack shortly after confessing to his congregation that he had committed an act of infidelity. Now that’s what I call “drop-dead honesty.”

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