Trump Insisting on Riding in the Queen’s Gold-Plated Carriage

Trump Insisting on Riding in the Queen’s Gold-Plated Carriage: In what is being described by officials as a potential security nightmare, US President Donald Trump is reportedly demanding to ride in the Queen’s royal, gold-plated carriage to travel down The Mall to Buckingham Palace during his scheduled state visit to the UK in October.

Oh for Dog’s sake, that carriage is for a real Queen, not a “drama Queen.” Put another way, its for royalty, not a “royal pain in the ass.” Perhaps someone should explain to him that lusting after your own daughter doesn’t necessarily constitute royalty. Now I could see him riding in one of the bumper cars on Coney Island, but the Queen’s Golden carriage — not so much!

And if authorities think a carriage ride is a security risk, what about the risk Trump might try and grab for the Queen’s hoo-ha? I suppose he’ll behave as long as Billy Bush isn’t there to egg him on. One thing’s for sure, its gonna take all the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men to make sure Trumpty Dumpty behaves again.

Wonder if he fully understands he’s visiting Great Britain and not Walt Disney World? I mean, a state visit is no time to insist on a horsey ride. Its almost like the Beverly Hillbillies go to England. This guy apparently really wants to be “Queen for a Day.” And knowing Trump, he’ll probably instruct Melania to walk behind the carriage horses with the pooper scooper.

Hell, why not just give the horses a break and have his two grown sons pull the carriage? Or, perhaps in lieu of a Golden Carriage, maybe the Queen could let him ride a pony behind Buckingham Palace? In related news, so far there’s no word about whether the President has been in contact with Pope Francis about a ride in the Popemobile.