Trump Makes Craziest Statement About Panama Canal

Trump Makes Craziest Statement About Panama Canal: President Trump raised eyebrows during a White House meeting with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela when he bragged “the Panama Canal is doing quite well, I think we did a good job building it.”

Is it just me, or did Trump just kinda/sorta try and take credit for the Panama Canal? I assume from this point on in the Red States, it’ll be forever known as the Trump Canal. Must be part of those infrastructure upgrades he promised during the campaign. Wonder if he was able to get Panama to pay for it?

That said, I’ve gotta at least give him credit for knowing the Panama Canal is in Panama. Can’t wait for his thoughts on Grant’s Tomb. On the other hand, can we expect an international incident if the Egyptians visit and he takes credit for the pyramids or implies the Chinese ripped off his idea when they built the Great Wall?

Anyway, my feeling is that while the Panama Canal is certainly a nice canal, its not nearly as nice as the one Trump had built over at Guadalcanal. I believe he even kept a diary while the thing was being built.

But all kidding aside, if your elderly parents regularly uttered insane things like this, wouldn’t you think its time to get them professional help? And the best part is — he has his tiny, little fingers on that big red button. I mean, at this point — even Putin and the Russians have to be thinking “what the hell have we done?”

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