Trump Picks White Nationalist Hero Steve Bannon

Trump Picks White Nationalist Hero Steve Bannon: In what will surely be considered a controversial move, President-elect Donald Trump has selected white nationalist hero and executive chairman of Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor. Rounding out other appointments, Trump has pegged militia leader Ammon Bundy to be Secretary of Defense, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck as Secretary of Steak and comedian Don Rickles as Secretary of Insults.

Tennessee Man Tries to Put Dog to Sleep for Being Gay: A pitbull in Tennessee has been spared after his owner saw him “hunched over” another male dog — making the owner think the dog was homosexual and in need to be euthanized. Good grief, couldn’t he at least have tried running the poor animal through Marcus Bachman’s “gay conversion therapy” clinic before taking such drastic measures?

Trump Asking His Children Be Granted Top Secret Clearances: Reports are surfacing that President-elect Donald Trump is requesting his children be granted top secret security clearances, which would give them access to America’s top secrets and information. In response to criticism, a Trump family spokesperson sought to assure the public that any classified information will go no further than Trump’s immediate family and a few of their closest friends.