Trump Settles Trump University Fraud Case for $25 Million

Trump Settles Trump University Fraud Case for $25 Million: President-elect Donald Trump has agreed to a $25 million settlement to end the fraud cases pending against his defunct real estate program Trump University. And now that he’s settled the fraud charges against him, its time to get busy cleaning up all the corruption in Washington.

Mountain Lions Moving From Nevada to California: After a seven-year study, researchers say they were rather surprised to discover that a significant amount of mountain lions appear to be migrating from Nevada and taking up residence in California. Wildlife biologists say they’re still unsure as to the reason why, but there’s certainly no tax advantage for the move.

Scientists Grow Tiny Livers From Stem Cells: Scientists in Japan report that they have been successfully growing itty-bitty functioning livers from stem cells in a petri dish. I can’t help but feeling this may just be the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who feels that their liver is way too big.