Verizon’s New Name for AOL-Yahoo is Oath

Verizon’s New Name for AOL-Yahoo is Oath: Now that telecom giant Verizon has purchased Yahoo, their new name for the company — which also includes AOL — will be “Oath.” Yea, and before you think about going to any sites you probably shouldn’t, it might be a good idea to remember that you are under “Oath.” One thing’s for sure, if they run it anything like Yahoo was run, perhaps the name “Oaf” might be a better fit — or even better — “Loath?”

Study Finds Women Don’t Want to Be Fat: A new study found that 54% of women 18 to 25 say they would rather be hit by a truck than be fat. Of course what these women fail to take into consideration is that fat women can get hit by trucks too.

Man Wielding Bible and Hammer Tasered by Police: Police used a stun gun to subdue an Oklahoma man wielding a hammer and a Bible at a local trailer park after the man refused to drop the hammer during a fight with another man, claiming he was doing God’s work. Well, Jesus was a carpenter and carpenters use hammers — and while I’m no Biblical scholar — it sounds like this guy really nailed it.

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