World’s Oldest Fossils Found in Greenland

World’s Oldest Fossils Found in Greenland: Geologists in Greenland have discovered what they believe are the oldest physical evidence for life on Earth in rocks that formed 3.7 billion years ago. So if I understand this correctly, the next time some smart-ass native Californian asks me where I’m from originally, I should tell them Greenland?

New Data Shows Sperm Quality Suffers After Age 35: According to researchers at Reproductive Technology Laboratories in Los Angeles who analyzed sperm from men between the ages of 16 and 72, sperm quality significantly begins to decrease after 35, making it significantly more difficult to conceive. So if you’re a beautiful young woman concerned about birth control and unwanted pregnancy, my advice is to only have sex with dirty old men.

California Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student: A 32-year-old woman who is being described as an “exemplary teacher” has pleaded not guilty to charges that she had a sexual relationship with a male student at the school where she was teaching. Hell, the situation is becoming so prevalent that young guys are thinking why bother paying for a hooker, just sign-up for a class.

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