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Introducing Slack’s new Quick-Switcher

A few months ago, Slack user Ben van Enckevort posted a neat demo: an omni-box for Slack. We loved the idea and were inspired to build a version of our own.

We call it the Quick-Switcher. It lets you jump to any conversation in Slack with just a few keystrokes. You can open the Quick-Switcher with these keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘+K (Mac browsers)
  • Ctrl+K (Windows and Linux browsers)
  • ⌘+T (Mac app — ⌘+K also works here)

Then use ↑ and ↓ arrow keys or tab to navigate the list, and return to select.

To open a channel or group, just start typing its name:

You can filter to just channels by typing #, and what you type will match after hyphens and underscores in channel and group names. Channels you aren’t currently in are marked (not a member)

To open a direct message with a member of your team, type their name:

You can type the person’s screen name, first name, or last name. To filter to just team members, type @.

You can even switch to other teams that you’re currently signed in to:

To quickly pull up your list of other teams, you can start typing “switch” to narrow the list to just teams. Or you can just type the name of the team.

We hope this makes getting around Slack just a bit quicker and easier for you. So far people seem to like it:

Keep on Slackin’!

P.S. If you have ideas to make the Quick-Switcher better, let us know! You can tweet to us @SlackHQ or email us at feedback@slack.com.
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