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wasteland assassin Aggrokat takes on Yip

It’s been awhile since I have covered Warriders, thats not to say they have not been working hard, developing behind the scenes.

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Rarest Vehicle in game currently, mines BZN at gas station

Whats new?

  1. Vehicle balancing
  2. BZN nodes distribute every 3 minutes
  3. 7 nodes in total
  4. NOS can be purchased with BZN
  5. BZN liquidity added to Uniswap
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SUV showcasing NOS at bridge

Since Warriders is still in its infancy, vehicle balancing has been constantly trialed and tested and I think after testing all vehicles types, it is very near to being spot on.

Previously, the BZN nodes would distribute every 5 minutes, which may have been annoying or frustrating for impatient players, now the wait is less severe as the nodes populate with fresh BZN every 3 minutes. …

Warriders is picking up momentum with each competition attracting more and more anxious players eager to rake in that Benzene!

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What is warriders? Its the next big thing in NFTs (Non fungible Tokens) and blockchain gaming since cryptokitties! Players control massive and powerful death machines over a post apocalyptic world in an effort to mine the games native ERC-20 token Benzene (BZN). They can use it for upgrades, custom skins, buy weapons or simply convert it to Ethereum.

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Clans in this game are everything. New players may be turned away by the sheer savagery and relentless firepower they face when entering the battlefield without a recognizable clan logo. …

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War Riders is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO strategy game of mining (collecting) cryptocurrency and blowing up cars.

The game revolutionizes blockchain asset trading by introducing the first ever, in-game item marketplace truly owned by its users. War Riders is reimagining the nature of MMO gaming by providing a platform where users rest assure their hard-earned loot crates and virtual gold/coins are safe.

At the heart of this is Benzene (BZN) — the only form of payment left to trade in the Wasteland. Players discover BZN waypoints in the Wasteland and fill up their tanks with the valuable resource. In order to redeem BZN, the players have to bring what they’ve collected back to their garages without being shamelessly robbed on the way home. …



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