Always Move Forward

But Learn from the Past

Mistakes are the most valuable judgments in the world.

They shape our lives and guide our decisions, while [hopefully] keeping us humble. They are inevitable and plentiful, and the more you make, the more you learn.

Many companies out there view employee mistakes as unacceptable, and often have repercussions for them. This is understandable, especially if that mistake is detrimental to business; however, that mistake could potentially educate your business and shape it’s future.

Executives can change procedures to ensure this mistake doesn't happen again — or they might put new practices in place that will make the process more efficient.

Employees will know what to look for in the future to prevent this mistake from happening again. They might be more careful, more tactful.

While it’s important to prevent crisis’ and run and efficient business, having a plan set in place to allow some mistakes to educate your company can go a long way.

Don’t punish small mistakes — sit down with your team, and think about how to move forward and become more efficient.

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