The Million Dollar “Ah-Ha”?

Who knew a day at the spa could open the mind so much.

[I am seriously writing this from inside of the sauna at Skana Spa, Turning Stone Resort and Casino. So don’t worry, this will be short.]

People in the world of startups and entrepreneurship talk a lot about “ah-ha moments” — those moments in your career when you say to yourself:

“oh shit, that’s what I need to do!”.

They talk about them as if they are a life-changing, sometimes world changing moment — and they often are.

Well, after countless hours of listening to podcasts from the linked of Gary Vaynerchuk, John Lee Dumas and Tim Ferris, I think I finally had mine…

Stop trying to learn everything from others and trust your gut. You’re killing it right now — don’t change course because Gary Vee is a millionaire who’s got a punchy personal brand.

You do you.

Again, I stress that I am in a zen’d-out state right now after a crushing Crossfit workout and an hour-long deep tissue massage, but this shit is powerful.

A quick catch up: I have a digital agency that I started in 2013 with no capital and no advertising background, and have grown to 3 employees. I am on my way to the Crossfit Regionals in 2017 (wish me luck), and I’m happier than a pig in shit.

So why do I need to spend 2–3 hours a day listening to different people, tell me different ways of growing my business, when I’m crushing it right now and I have a stable of happy clients and a bunch of good-looking prospects on the horizon?

The Answer.

I don’t. I just need to go with my gut.

That’s why I have deleted all podcasts from my phone. And stopped reading blogs. They were beginning to get in the way of my gut and intuition, which has gotten me this far. So I cut them out.

Now I’m not saying this is going to get me to a million dollar business, or that I will even stop consuming this content forever. But what I am saying, is that I just had an epiphany that my gut is currently an epically correct mother fucker right now.

And yours probably is too. Follow it.

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