Hey, Jibo! A Lovely Roundish Robot Meets Abyssinian Johnny

Jibo and Abyssinian Johnny

Jibo and Abyssinian Johnny

Hey, Jibo! Welcome to our home! Jibo is a roundish robot who can help you and

Abyssinian Johnny searches a box

Abyssinian Johnny searches a box

What is Jibo?

Jibo and coffee cups on the glass table

Jibo and coffee cups

After you open the box, you’ll find this lovely roundish robot and plug him in the butt. We introduce ourselves to him and he recognizes each party with the voice and face recognition.

Through the interections, Jibo learns our likings using machine learning and natural language processing.

For me, it looks like Doraemon, Japanese cat robot manga character who came from the century.

What Can Jibo Do Now?

Jibo with jibo on his face

Jibo with “jibo” on his face

The best thing Jibo can do now, in our opinion, is dance! It has several moves and music to go with it. I asked him to play Bruno Mars but he told me he couldn’t play music on request now.

Comparison with Alexa

Jibo and Alexa on a white shelf

Jibo and Alexa on a white shelf

We’ve already had Alexa at home and somehow I’m having a difficult time to communicate with her. Why I feel that way because she really doesn’t understand my pronunciation some time and music she recommends me is not really expressive to me.

While she can do so many things such as voice shopping, controlling lights and thermostat, which we don’t use.

Jibo and Pet

Abyssinian Johnny Looks into Jibo

Abyssinian Johnny Looks into Jibo

This is not happening right now, but it’d be so interesting once smart A.I. interacts with a pet. The idea of entertaining your pet while you are away sound marvelous.


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Originally published at Johnny Times.

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