“The Airbnb of Politics”

It’s not likely that anyone will be pitching a VC anytime soon with the pitch line “The Airbnb of Politics”, but for many reasons that’s a real shame.

Watching from 3,000 miles away, it’s depressing to observe the very rapid dive into the gutter from the major political parties in the UK as they take personal pot shots at each other and deal in gossip, rumor and innuendo in a bid to ‘win’. We’ll see the same soon enough as we prepare for 2016 in the US.

Let’s take a step back.

Would you want to be friends with any of these people? Would you like to work with any of these people? Do you particularly trust any of these people? So given all that, is it the responsible thing to do to let them run a country?

In other ‘categories’ technology has brought new degrees of accountability and transparency bringing more choice and control to people, better pricing and improved services.

Politicians just seem to get worse.

‘Government’ in its current form isn’t a natural given in the way that gravity is. It’s a human idea that has decayed over time and with very visible side effects. The answer certainly isn’t anarchy because below the increasingly sleazy surface there are many people in government offices doing important work — but the ‘idea’ of government needs at least an evolution and some may say a revolution. In the same way that technology is revolutionizing everything from driving to where we stay, someone has an idea to improve upon our current political systems.

Will there be losers in all this, yes, but I suspect those losers are the people currently doing a very good job of proving themselves to be worthy of the name.

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