Amazing eulogy of David Carr by his brother John Carr.

But I loved this bit at the end the most, because it’s about intentionality, about making the world that you want, and the life that you want:

David gave me the galleys of his book to read to make sure it wouldn’t destroy our Dad’s weak heart. It was full of things I knew and some of the things I didn’t know horrified me. “Do you have to tell everything?” I asked. And he said that you can’t write a book about memory and truth…and lie. So it’s all there, but there is one big lie at the end of the book:
“I now inhabit a life I don’t deserve, but we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds.
The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn’t end soon.”
David did not ‘inhabit” his new life; he built it one day and one person at a time. It was earned the hard way and much deserved. David was not a “fraud,” but one of the most authentic, honest human beings we will ever know. He was profoundly “grateful.” His time with us was not just a “caper,” but a full life well lived. It ended too “soon,” way too soon.
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