David Kelley & the Intergalactic Destruction Company

One of my favorite parts of TED is getting to spend quality time with my friend Diego and getting to talk about tons of stuff ranging from design to technology to family & more.

But also getting to hang out a little with an absolute hero of mine from IDEO, David Kelley — and Diego’s mentor and coworker over the last couple of decades.

Diego’s been running an IDEO Futures podcast over the past few months, and this episode is an interview with David about his careeer. It’s a remarkable interview for many reasons, but mostly for me underscores this: life & careers are long, and built by daily and weekly exploration and commitment to being good at what you do.

David & Diego are both wonderful — it’s a treat to get to hear them in this podcast together. (The interview is probably the last ~35 minutes or so of the podcast.)

Go listen.

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