Eleven Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Technology
Chris Dixon

These are indeed very exciting technologies. And I agree with many of the items in the list. AI really is the driver behind two separate items on the list (#1 and #10 — Self-Driving Cars and Computerized Medicine) but I understand the need to have them listed separately. I might have added the new generation of generalized robotics, which is again part of the same AI uber-topic.

But the list is good and I am very excited about them, too.

But make no mistake, the disruption of some of these technologies are already manifesting.

Start with Clean Energy: the push back from the traditional energy blocks (coal/gas/oil/nuclear) and the money and influence they wield in politics is tremendous. Only the fact that “Clean Energy” makes so much more sense is going to trump their reticence to change their own model of energy production.

But the disruption caused by AI (and by extension Self-Driving Cars, computerized medicine, and robotics) is also already being felt. When it becomes possible to buy a generalized robot, as Foxconn was doing, for $5000 and replace multiple workers with a machine that works non-stop, you will be hard pressed to out source your manufacturing to sub-saharan africa or elsewhere for lower labor costs. This “disruptive tech” is very different from those we’ve seen in the past. Some great articles can be found in the Harvard Business Journal, Forbes, the Washington Post, and others on this subject.

I’m not fearing the actual technology…

I fear that our society — government and the people are burying their heads and not preparing for these changes. There are questions we should be asking, discussing, and preparing solutions for.

Where will people work? When we no longer need long haul truckers, taxi drivers; when we have AI’s practicing (or assisting) Law Practices; when the only job at the factory is for someone, and I mean one or 2 people, to maintain the machines what will people do?

How will they afford food and medicine?

So many more questions…

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