I spend a lot of time compiling and polishing other people’s resumes, and I’m confused as to why on…

So lying looks like saying “reduced $10m SaaS program cash flow costs 750k, or 60%” when the truth is that I reduced the program cash flow costs 100% and pushed all the cash flow costs to the customers without increasing churn, and literally turned an acquisition channel into a cash flow positive (forever) pipe. How to explain this? Why are you unemployed? Ah because then I went from being a sales rep to managing all but the CEO, CFO, three immediate family members of the ceos, and four other people; which was like 85 people under me; then I tried to fix the company by removing the CFO, but the CEO wouldn’t remove him; so then I tried to get the CEO to step down, but he wouldn’t; so then I tried to force the CEO to step down, but the board wouldn’t have it, so they fired me, which was what I expected. And they went bankrupt; and that’s too bad, because they wouldn’t have if the CEO had stepped down to product and the CFO had been fired. They would still have their $11m in private equity dollars. Too bad.

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