Scientists “Inject” Thoughts And Information Directly Into A Monkey’s Brain

Brains are very strange things. Despite their sense of self-importance, they’re really just a bunch of fiddly wiring, meaning all our thoughts and perceptions are just electro-chemical reactions.

Exploring that idea, two scientists and two rhesus monkeys have shown how it’s possible to “inject information” directly into the brain’s premotor cortex using a light zap of electricity. It’s still early stages for the research, but, in theory, it has some big implications for the development of brain-computer interfaces. The study was published in the journal Neuron this week.

“Researchers have been interested primarily in stimulating the primary sensory cortices — the somatosensory cortex, visual cortex, and auditory cortex — to input information into the brain,” senior author Marc H. Schieber, from the University of Rochester, said in a statement.

“What we are showing here is that you don’t have to be in a sensory-receiving area in order for the subject to have an experience that they can identify.”

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