7 Totally Awesome Things To Do In Rio de Janerio

Brazil’s most popular and frequent visited tourist destination, Rio is a buzzing city boasting of enchanting culture, profound history and heritage, and a picturesque place for nature seekers. Book your travel tickets with Latam Airlines deals, as you might avail some lucrative offers for your flight. Traveling to Rio is a dream of many and if your dream is about to get fulfilled, we have assembled a fascinating list of some unusual things to do in Rio:
 Pedra da Gávea

With a whopping 842 meters above the sea level, Pedra da Gavea is a unique rocky monolith that boasts of incredible views to leave you speechless. To get here is a bit of tedious task, as you would have to hike for two and a half hour through the Tijuca Forest. You need to be acceptability fit and carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. But trust me, once you are up there, you wont ever want to leave such a marvelous spot.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
Include this picturesque place in your travel itinerary, as it offers plethora of activities, so make sure you have plenty of time when you come here. The lagoon is a happening place adorned with smooth paths and interactive locals who enjoy skateboarding, cycling, jogging, as it is one of the best way to explore this site. Moreover, if you are fascinated by water, rent a swan peddalo and take it to the lagoon waters. And if your visiting in Christmas, do not forget to visit this venue, as it hosts the world’s biggest floating Christmas tree.
 Pedra do Pontal

Being the center point of Prais do Recreio and Praia da Macumba, this huge rock divide these two beaches. Climb up the rock and you will be treated with stunning views of the two beaches at the same time. While you are up there take pictures and take in the zen vibes.
 Casa Tuxi Hostel

Casa Tuxi is one of those crazy party hostel which are famous for chilled out scenes and sociable vibes. Formerly, this hostel was set up by three friends, who adorned the hostel with eccentric designs and personal touch. Not only the decor will fascinate you, but also the awesome food and cocktails they offer. Moreover, it is located in Botafogo, the hub for a fun-filled nightlife in Rio. As you book your stay with Casa Tuxi Hostel, also look for your flight reservation with Latam Airlines.

Try Globos & Acai

When you are in Rio, Globos and Acai is a must try food that boasts of blasting flavors. Globos is a do-nut shaped rice snack, and Acai is a frozen dessert made with ice, sugar, acai berry juice and guarana syrup. You can easily find them on the beach, vendors selling these snacks packed up in a light brown wrapper. To increase the flavors and make it healthy, you can even add banana slices, blueberries and granola in Acai.

Wander around Centro
People who love to explore the infrastructure of a city should wander around Centro, as it boasts of charming colorful buildings and glorious historic architecture. Strolling around this site is really worthy, as you will witness plethora of fascinating things lined up in a strip such as beer shops, bakeries, street arts, local artists and many more.

Samba at Rio Scenarium
Brazil’s music culture is celebrated all around the world, so when you are in Rio make sure you visit Rio Scenarium, as it will let you get introduce to this culture. Dance on the samba numbers and interact with the locals which are known to be happy and hospitable people. If you are lucky, you might even encounter a live dance performance by some of the phenomenal dancers. The entire atmosphere inside this venue is thoroughly charming, adorned with antique items.

If these places inspired you to travel Rio, book your flight reservation with Latam Airlines. For more queries, leave your comments in the section provided below: